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Rin's Journal
the ramblings of a crazy person.
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8th-Jan-2012 01:17 am - ...
They're Irrisistable
This is kinda a part two to yesterdays post. It was one of the things I'd thought about on my train ride home, but I forgot to put it in/it didn't really fit. So yes. Read that first.

Looking back....Collapse )
20th-Nov-2011 12:43 am - The Problem with Fandoms
They're Irrisistable
Back in August Megan introduced me to a show called Merlin. I instantly became consumed by it. It's just one of those shows that is fun to sit down and watch. Not something to intellectually stimulated by but thoroughly entertained and satisfied; this is helped by the fact that the show became progressively more fanservice-done-right as it went on.

Just before the new season started (beginning of October), I got myself a tumblr and jumped head first into the world of Merlin fandom. At first, it was great. People had great opinions, discussed storylines, shared clips and minor spoilers for each episode. Enough to get me through the 7 of withrawl.

However as time went on, the people I followed and the people showing up in search started to remind me why I rather dislike slashers.

Don't get me wrong, though I'm not personally into slash, there are shows that imply it; maybe unintentionally, but it's there none the less. Merlin is definitely one of those shows. It's got a LOT of bromance. There are episodes that I really can't help but think that there is sooooooo much gay happening. But it really bothers me when people start thinking that their perception of the characters is real and so the writer are wrong when it doesn't jive with them.

As much implied homosexuality as there is in Merlin, it's not ACTUALLY the case. Arthur is in love with Gwen and will care about her more. Merlin is his best friend and so he rags on him a lot (like poking fun of the fact that he was saved by a girl or saying mean things about him). That's what guys their age (in the show they're in their early 20's for those who don't know) do! Same goes for the knights. Just because the fandom may want them all to be gay, doesn't mean that they are. So when they don't apologise for being "mean" to Merlin, it's very much so in character. When they don't rush to his aide instead of Gwens, that's how it SHOULD be. That's believable.

People in (all) fandoms get this scewed perception that characters in their favourite tv shows should see things from their point of view. The one that probably has the answer to the problem long before they do. But they don't realise that if the characters did, they wouldn't be the characters we love. It would ruin storylines and make the show unenjoyable.

I just get so sick of people complaining about shows because of this. If you don't like the things the show does then don't watch it. Especially shows like Merlin, which is based off a pre-existing legend, in which King Arthur marries a woman. A woman whom he's in a relationship with (since the first season people). A show where you know for a FACT that your ship is not going to be canon, no matter how much you want it to be.

27th-Oct-2011 11:32 pm - Culture, Not a Costume
Bitch Face >:(
If you haven't already seen it, check out the Culture, Not a Costume campaign. You can read about it here: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/63895460.html#cutid1

I'm really rather torn about this campaign. Because I totally get where they're coming from. Racism is a huge issue and sometimes people take it really far on halloween. I know I've been out at bars and seen costumes and thought they were wrong. And while I agree that putting on traditional arab garb and saying you're dressed as a terrorist is absolutely wrong, the rest I don't necessarily agree with.

To put on a costume is to become something you're not. By putting on a kimono and the custom geisha make-up is not you making a statement about japanese culture. Geisha are NOT symbolism for Japan just because that's their origin. Its an iconic look. If you're going to criticize all the girls who dress up as geisha on halloween, how could you possibly be ok with cosplayers who put on japanese school girl outfits, kimono, hakata, haori, or geta, waving around samurai sword?

As for the poster for african americans being portrayed as gangsters... The only reason the photo is representative of people who are black is because that's race of the person in the photo is. There are probably thousands of white kids in similar outfits. If you showed a person those, they would not look at them and say "oh they're dressed as a black person" they'd just tell you that they're a gangster which in today's society is a racially ambiguous term.

There are far worse things to deal with on Halloween that costumes that are meant to be harmless. Like how it's becoming next to impossible to find a female costume that covers your but without it being the ugliest thing you've seen or costing over $100. Seriously, Me and Megan were looking for our costumes and we were stuck next to this group of guys having the most offensive conversation about what the sluttiest costume there was so one of them could buy it for their girlfriend. Why aren't we addressing this issue? To me that's a far more pressing matter to get out to the children and teens in our world than people being mildly racist with their costumes.
18th-Jul-2011 05:09 pm(no subject)
They're Irrisistable
I wanted to make this post because, though it's not necissarily something important to the rest of my life, but its something that I shouldn't forget.

So this past weekend I went to a friends familys cottage with some Toronto friends. It was good to get away from all the stress and such in life (even if it does mean I miss out on Harry Potter openning weekend). We were up just outside of Hanover, off a bunch of dirt roads, really quiet and really secluded.

On the Saturday night, after about an hour or so of contemplation, arguing and laziness, we finally decided to go into town to grab some dinner and pick up a few things we needed for that night. We all piled into the 2 cars and headed out. Just as we turned onto the dirt road that would take us to the main road, and came over the hill, our friends in the car in front of us start putting on their breaks and waving at us to stop.

At first we were like "what the hell?" until we looked past their car (we were in an SUV so we were higher than them) and saw up ahead a big Dodge Truck in the ditch, the passenger side smashed in, facing the wrong direction, debris all across the road and skid marks. We stopped the car and all of us booked it over.

As I yelled for my friends who had their phones to call 911, the two guys who were driving came around the side of the car and paused, saying "oh, god..." which made the rest of us pause in turn because there was no way that could be good. We came around the care and there was a guy, laying beside the car. One of the guys pointed out that he was breathing, but he was definitly unconcious and covered in blood. I couldn't see him well, thank god. I walked a little farther and found another guy, again covered in blood, laying in some bush. He was moving, saying he was fine. At this point my friends were on the phone with 911, and as there were 8 of us, I headed back to the car to watch my friends baby, who was still in the car seat.

As I was there the second guy got up and was trying to talk to and move his friend, but luckily my friends were able to keep him back. One of the girls couldn't handle seeing the whole thing, came to the car to watch the baby while I went back to help. The guy was being very rude and telling my friends to fuck off when they told him to leave his friend alone because he was seriously hurt. It was obvious at this point that the guy seemed to be drunk, or at the very least heavily concussed (though probably both). We finally got him to calm down, though he kept hitting the Truck and saying "Cody why did you drive my truck" (though we're not sure if he wasn't just saying that because the way they were from the truck, it wouldn't have made sense).

I went to the top of the hill to watch for cars since we were at the top of the road while the rest of my friends stayed with the injured and began clearing the road of debris. As they did that they found dozens of cans of beer and vodka all around.

Finally a cop came and he called for the ambulance to hurry up. The unconcious guy began to move a bit, thank god. As the ambulance and emergency arrived, the cops took my friends statements (the ones who stayed with the crash victims the entire time) and we detoured our way to town. The road was still closed 2 hours later on our way back.

We'd tried to get a local paper when we went to breakfast the next day but there wasn't any. It wasn't until this afternoon that we got any news when my friend found an article on the police website stating that the older, concious man had been treated for his wounds and released at the local hospital, but "Cody" (the unconcious, younger guy) had been taken to hospital, then airlifted to Hamilton in critical condition.

The police contacted my friend yesterday about details, but she had been the one who'd stayed in the car with the baby for the most part so she couldn't say anything. She gave them my other friends number but they have yet to contact her.

It really makes you think though. If we hadn't dawdled or argued or contemplated for almost 2 hours about what we were going to do, we wouldn't have found those two guys. It wasn't a busy area, the only people who came by while we were there only went because they saw the police car and were nosey. Those guys could have been there for hours before people passed. The older guy could have moved he unconcious one and killed him because of it. It was pretty crazy.

Oh... and ironically, while we ate at a local pub, a band was setting up. My friend asked what their name (DNR) stood for. The reply? Do Not Resuscitate. We all just turned and stared at each other.
31st-May-2011 12:47 am(no subject)
They're Irrisistable
I need a vacation. Like an actual, away from stress, away from drama, away from all forms of work vacation. A week or two of fun. My life is getting exhausting.

For those wondering Anime North was good, not amazing, but good. Next year I plan to arrange things better to try and eliminate all the stress from a weekend that's supposed to be just plain fun. I already have a plan in place. I'm not gonna go into all of it because the stuff that stood out was the drama and I'd rather forget about it. Our Sucker Punch costumes were awesome.

Anyway, TV has been on my mind lately.

I didn't use to care much for TV, it's still not something that I particularly "care" about, but over the last year I've started watching a lot more shows. This is mostly Smallvilles fault. After watching all 9 seasons straight last summer, I'd forgotten how I filled my time, so I've just been watching show after show after show. But I've come to really love some of the stuff out there.

I wanna talk about Glee though. There's this misconception that I'm a total die hard Glee fan, and the truth is I'm not. I love the music and I think the idea behind the show is great. It started out really strong, but this entire second season has dropped the ball. Honestly, I just can't bring myself to TRULY care when I miss an episode. The lack of storyline didn't bother me the first season when it was about character development, but I totally got that this was something new, it was gonna take time to get use to. Now it almost feels like a waste of time.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate this season. There are many things I liked. But they try way to hard to please all the fans that they lose so much of the story and the characters that we loved in those original first 13 episodes. And on top of that, it's gotten so over the top and unbelievable. I mean, they're supposed to be struggling for funds, how is it they can create these elaborate sets and costumes for each number that they aren't going to use for any competition.

I'm someone who reads spoilers a lot too. Normally that's not a problem, usually it makes me excited for thing. But in typical Glee fashion they always make everything out to be huge but when people guess it, they make it seem like no one got it's gonna be a huge suprise, and then you get to the episode and it's exactly what everyone said was going to happen. They just say way too much about each episode. I barely even need to watch the episode because I already know what's going to happen by the time Tuesday rolls around.

Also, I didn't start watching this show for original songs, they need to give those a rest. It was a cute idea for an episode, but its a lame and obvious cash grab. I watch Glee for the music, I don't want to hear it on the radio.

But yeah... I'm just getting over that urge to defend the show for being terrible. Each episode is just as meh as the last. I'm hoping now that they're getting an actual writing team instead of just relying on the 3 creators, that we will finally get a show that you could follow and enjoy.
26th-Mar-2011 12:36 pm - The Movie Seasons Explained
They're Irrisistable
So in a few short weeks I'll be celebrating my 5 year at the theater I work at. Hopefully I'll only be there for a short period of time after that, but after working there so long I've come to have a fairly good sense of what will do well and what won't.

Yesterday the film Sucker Punch came out. I ended up seeing it twice (once with the office and once with my mom because I promised I would). I'm a fan of Zack Snyder so I knew I would enjoy this one. It's come to my attention though that the movie is very love-it or leave-it. It bothers me to see people be so harsh with their criticism because I don't think they quite know what to expect for movies out around this time of year. So I decided to make a month by month summary for those of you want to know what to expect when it comes to movies.


January is generally a "slow" month. Since the writers strike especially, Oscar movies start to get wide releases (if they haven't already been released), or even rereleased in some cases, since award season is starting. Other movies that come out in this month are generally bad, forgettable movies that people will see just for the sake of seeing something. In fact the first week there are NO new movies released (this is one of a few rare occurances). The theaters are generally slow, unless the big movies released in December are still popular (such as Avatar was) or the Oscar movies are main stream enough for people to want to see them (like The Kings Speech and Black Swan).


This month is even slower than the last. Oscar movies (if still popular) will do well. There should be one or two new Kids movies out for Family Day, but other than that there's not a whole lot to look forward to. Movies coming out this month are meant to be bad because the focus is on the Oscars happenning at the end of the month. They are usually movies that have been pushed back (meaning they didn't test well so they probably suck), or made in a rush.


This is what I like to call "Pre-Block Buster Month". Movies that come out in March are expected to do well, but not amazing. With March/Spring Break happenning you will get a couple kids movies (which are garrunteed to do well) and also a few hyped up action flicks. There's usually a film with a cult following that comes out. Like Sucker Punch by Zack Snyder who has people who enjoy his heavily stylized films. All of his movies have come out it March (except for the owl movie). Its usually a risk, but they generally do well. Nothing is REALLY good, but good enough to get hype and people out to see them.


April is probably the slowest month for movies because nothing that comes out is expected to stay more that 3-4 weeks. In fact the further you go into April the worse they will get because you're getting closer to May. It generally kids or family movies. Its unliked that you will see anything you REALLY care about coming out this month.


May is the kick off of Blockbuster season and probably the biggest month of the year in terms of number of highly anticipated films coming out. Each week at least one big film will come out, always started by a Marvel/comic book/action movie. There is something for everyone. There's an action film, a comedy, a family, a kids and a chick flick. Sometimes there's more that one of each. Its a busy busy month. If you hate crowds, don't bother going during the week. Universities and colleges are out so during the week is fair game too. However, no matter how awesome the line-up is that month, these movies are not the biggest of the year.


June is a little more calm than May. It generally rides the business from last month, with a few bigger names at the beginning. However be cautious of big name films in June because they're more often then not, bombs. They usually have a reputation or an awesome trailer and a ton of hype, but they somehow how end up being terrible. There are exceptions but if they weren't good enough to come out in May or wait until July, then they're probably not going to live up to all that hype.


This is THE month. Two big films are going to come out this month. One of them will last the rest of the summer, the other will have potential and could go either way. Usually they are action films but sometimes you'll get a curve ball (like Mamma Mia). These two movies are usually the most hyped, most anticipated films of the year. They'll be fun movies generally, not something that will win an oscar (usually) But they're the movies you'll remember to buy, you'll bug your friends to go see openning weekend, and wait in 2 hour line-ups for. The rest of the films out will look good too, but nothing will really compare to these two movies.


August is the combination of June and April. It's a weak month. The movies are usually mindless or just plain crap. You might get one that's really good, but the month is generally riding the popularity of July. Film companies know that business will die come September when school goes back in so they release things with hype enough to be busy for two weeks tops, and then die. The movies aren't really worth seeing but people will see them because it's the end of summer and there's nothing better to do.


Another really slow month. Nothing that comes out is expected to do well, especially at the beginning. They are usually some bad kids movies and movies you just don't care about or have never heard of. There is next to no hype for any of the movies either. With school back in and television shows starting back up, peoples priority is not to see movies and the film industry adjusts. The last week of September you'll start to see horror films pop up.


This is obviously the month of Horror films. There is still a funk when it comes to new movies but the scary ones will be popular the closer you get to Halloween. Nothing is really expected to last past the end of the month.


November is Blockbuster season revisited, only this time for fantasy or sci-fi films. Harry Potter, Twillight and other novel based films start coming out of the woodwork. These movies are usually HUGE, concidering the time they're coming out (school in and winter around the corner). With the last HP film coming out this summer and Twillight coming to wrap in the next two years, I'm unsure if this pattern will last, but its safe to say that this is the time of Fantasy movies. You may see a couple Oscar movies coming out.


There's one BIG movie that will come out mid-month and a few big ones coming out at Christmas. The big movie in December is usually a fantasy or sci-fi. It'll have a big following and a lot of hype. It's not guarenteed to well (like Narnia 3), but it usually does and will last through slow season (like Avatar and LoTR). Christmas might bring out a couple themed movies over the course of the month, but not always. In fact this year was the first time I'd worked where there had been no christmas specific movies. But Christmas itself will bring out a hand full of Chirstmas Day released family movies that will do pretty well. You'll also see a couple Oscar movies coming out just in the nick of time to be nominated.
10th-Jan-2011 04:26 pm - Shameless Self Promotion
Monocle Smile
I'm probably not going to be posting here for a little while. I'll still be around reading posts but I won't be putting sutff up here.

Why, you ask?

Because I'll be putting more focus on a blog me and my friends started. We're having a "Biggest Loser" competition and we're using the blog to keep us motivated! Its working really well so far. Spread the word, it would be great to have people read it other than us. Having supporters to cheer us on would be sooooooooo helpful!

Check us out here: http://babeswithbellies.blogspot.com/ (yes its blogspot, not lj. Its easier to make a communal blog on there than it is to make a community here)
9th-Dec-2010 05:58 pm - Dear Immune System
Bitch Face >:(
Why have you failed me so this year?

I use to get sick once, maybe twice a year. This year though, its almost every other month. Its never anything serious, but just enough to make me feel like crap.

I feel like death. I'm on drugs and I still feel like death. Fuck. My. Life.

Tonight is the Parade of Lights here in lil ol' Rockwood. Normally I'd go, especially now that my brother and family have moved in (did I mention that? because they have and its noisey but I'm slowly adjusting). But I obviously will not be attending as planned. My room is the warmest in the house and I still can't keep my feet warm, so I don't really think standing outside on the day we have a cold warning out is a good idea.

This has however, given me ample time to play some pokemon or any of the other array of games I have yet to finish. Exciting, no?
1st-Dec-2010 12:10 am - Gleetastic *spoilers*
Monocle Smile
I've really enjoyed the last few episodes of Glee (excluding The Substitute because all that was was a fanservice to Gwenyth Paltrow).

Glee's biggest problem has always been its lack of continuity. Something really big would happen and next episode it wouldn't even matter, or it would just be forgotten completely. The first 13 episodes didn't really seem to have that big of an issue with this. The major plot points remained, even if the episodes were random. Or maybe I just didn't notice it because it was the FIRST 13 episodes and there weren't that many big developments except for, y'know, introducing characters and general story of the show because it was new.

Then the back 9 happened and basically every episode until Never Been Kissed, that were just pointless for the most part. Feelings changed from episode to episode. It was hard to care about the characters because they didn't seemed to have lost their innitial spark. It just got worse and worse to the point that I didn't even like the characters I did like anymore.

Then something happened. Never Been Kissed didn't have continuity still, but it was a really good episode. But then its like Ryan Murphy or one of the writers clued in that people were starting to question all the plot wholes. They started to notice that the characters were basically mockeries of the characters we were given in the first 13. And suddenly, everything that's happened has been remembered (or well some of the bigger things).

First that Puck has issues. That underall that badass exterior, he does have a vulnerable side. They remembered that Santana is a huge bitch (and I love her for it) who slept with Finn and he lied to Rachel about it. They brought up the whole Finn/Quinn/Puck triangle. They sorta gave a shout out to the fact that Quinn and Mercedes are friends and that Kurts bffs with Mercedes too.

It's just like FINALLY! Storylines that should have been addressed AGES ago are finally being brought up again. They're finally being resolved or given a chance to play out. Now so long as they keep it up next episode (which is a christmas episode so maybe not that one, but when they come back in February for sure), I'll be very happy.

Also, can I just say that I'm THRILLED that Finn and Rachel broke up. I mean, we all know I'm a Puckleberry fan, and I was super excited that they had moments this week, but this doesn't even have anything to do with that. Because I genuinely liked them together until the back 9 when Finn became fickle and this season when Rachel became even more annoying. Now they're just boring and lame. I don't even want to watch parts with them being all cute and shit, and I'm a fucking romantic, I eat that shit for breakfast. They're just so blah.

But did I mention that I adore Puckleberry. I don't care if they don't work out in the end, but I want them to give it another go. Even for a bit, seriously this time.

And while I do adore Darren Criss, I want Kurt to come back to New Directions. The Warblers aren't good for him. He needs to stand out. Oh, and did anyone else think that the tie was a cop out? I know they need a reason to keep both groups active in the show, but really? Lame. That wouldn't happen at a real competition where people had to move on.
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